Why invest in Abu Dhabi?

Over the past few decades, Abu Dhabi has risen in attractiveness to residents, visitors, and tourists alike, due to its stunning cultural history, alongside its forward thinking and distinguished architectural designs.

Abu Dhabi continues to gain residents and tourist attraction in 2020, as there are many reasons people from all over the world are drawn towards the capital.

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UAE Real Estate Market During Covid-19: Is Now A Good Time To Buy Or Invest?

Real Estate is one of the hottest and most desirable industries for investors when thinking about where to invest their money.
At a time where the world is facing a global pandemic, people are reluctant to invest in real estate locally as well as internationally over fears of slow construction progress

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6 Things To Consider When Buying Property In The UAE

People usually tend to consider things like location or provided parking space as their top priority when looking for a property to buy. However, getting the right real estate agent is the most crucial part when buying property, especially if you are looking to buy in a city that you are new to.

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Finding A Home In Modern Dubai

According to Bayut, Dubailand is one of Dubai’s most popular areas, also, as a freehold district, Dubailand emerged as the third most popular area to buy properties in Dubai.

Now that more and more communities are being developed, Dubailand is one of the most successful projects by master developer Dubai Properties.

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Everything You Need To Know About Alexis Tower At Downtown Jebel Ali

Reportage Properties is based in Abu Dhabi, however, its dedication to providing the best solutions for their clients is not just limited to Abu Dhabi Real Estate. The group has also shown interest in Dubai Real Estate by launching a few projects in Dubai as well; Alexis Tower located in Downtown Jebel Ali being one of them.

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Lifestyle In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is also the largest city amongst the seven emirates federation. Popular for it’s stunning beaches, year-round sunshine, incredible skyline, and majestic mosques, Abu Dhabi in the past few years really has been the perfect destination for the experienced and novice traveller.

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Allow Us To Introduce Ourserlves

Aref Ismaeil Al Khoori, Chairman of the Board, has extensive experience in the banking and insurance fields, and was among the pioneers who established and promoted Islamic banking practices in the UAE. Throughout his previous experience, Mr. Al Khoori has adopted a holistic view of the local business market, including the real estate sector, with a wide network of local and regional relationships in the business field. Thanks to his leadership and professional network, Mr. Al Khoori’s contribution has proven to be essential to the company’s pool of core assets.

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