Why invest in Abu Dhabi?

Over the past few decades, Abu Dhabi has risen in attractiveness to residents, visitors, and tourists alike, due to its stunning cultural history, alongside its forward-thinking and distinguished architectural designs.

Abu Dhabi continues to gain residents and tourist attraction in 2020, as there are many reasons people from all over the world are drawn towards the capital.

However, Reportage Properties believes that this time is the best time to invest; Reportage Properties even encourages it. When people and companies are faced with a global issue making everyone hesitant to invest, you have real estate companies providing you with remarkable one-time offers. Other people’s hesitance also allows others who are willing to take the initiative to make a purchase or investment to get the best options when picking their home’s or investment’s location, views, spaces..etc.

It is also a time where you can make a greater profit than you would any other time considering the prices that you buy the estates for compared to other times in the year. Buying a property, for example, at 40% off during a hot offer and then selling it at its original price is a great profit for the investor. If you are simply a homeowner, it is also an opportunity for you to save a great amount of money and purchase your future home at an exceptional price.

UAE Real Estate Market During Covid-19: Is Now A Good Time To Buy Or Invest?

Real Estate is one of the hottest and most desirable industries for investors when thinking about where to invest their money.
At a time where the world is facing a global pandemic, people are reluctant to invest in real estate locally as well as internationally over fears of slow construction progress

Reportage Properties acknowledges that real estate companies should not merely “adapt” to the current circumstances, but it is crucial that they are proactive and attend to the concerns of buyers and investors. This is why Reportage Properties at the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, has decided to take a contemporary marketing approach to this current issue by using the marketing budget planned for events and roadshows and investing it to make special and exclusive offers for possible buyers. One example of an exclusive offer made by Reportage Properties using this strategy was the “Buy 1 Unit and Get The Second Free” offer which was used as a marketing tactic for the company. Instead of marketing through events or traditional billboards, tv adverts, etc. Reportage Properties decided to market by proving their care to their current and potential customers and showing how quickly they can respond to sudden changes happening in the market and providing them with offers very favorable to them and which can result in greater value to their investment.

6 Things To Consider When Buying Property In The UAE

People usually tend to consider things like location or provided parking space as their top priority when looking for a property to buy. However, getting the right real estate agent is the most crucial part when buying property, especially if you are looking to buy in a city that you are new to.

  •  Choosing the right agent: Getting the right real estate agent is the most crucial part when buying property, especially if you are looking to buy in a city that you are new to.
  • Your budget: make sure that you communicate clearly how much you can and are willing to pay for your home. Do not get pressured into stretching your budget “just a little bit more”.
  • Views: incredible views to add to the price of the property but the views you choose don’t all have to break your budget. The views you wake up to and see across your window every single day matter.
  • Neighborhood: A good idea would be to visit the area or location in which you plan to purchase your property. Are the neighbors friendly? Are facilities such as schools, banks, clinics, supermarkets, or parks available?
  • Traffic: Is the way to your potential home crowded? Is there a lot of traffic? That is one thing you need to consider in order to ensure that you get home on your own time and do not spend more time stuck on the road than at home.
  • Provided parking space: if you are looking to live in an apartment in a building at the heart of the city or somewhere close to your workplace, one of the hardest things to find is an area with a large number of parking spaces.

Finding A Home In Modern Dubai

According to Bayut, Dubailand is one of Dubai’s most popular areas, also, as a freehold district, Dubailand emerged as the third most popular area to buy properties in Dubai.

Now that more and more communities are being developed, Dubailand is one of the most successful projects by master developer Dubai Properties. This development includes many different facilities, from theme parks, shopping malls, and eco-tourism projects to residential units. Apart from it being a tourist destination with the multifaceted characteristics of the city, it is hard to deny that the city remains a must-consider location when looking for property investment.



Everything You Need To Know About Alexis Tower At Downtown Jebel Ali

Reportage Properties is based in Abu Dhabi, however, its dedication to providing the best solutions for its clients is not just limited to Abu Dhabi Real Estate. The group has also shown interest in Dubai Real Estate by launching a few projects in Dubai as well; Alexis Tower located in Downtown Jebel Ali is one of them. Alexis Tower is a project that was developed by the group for its convenient and attractive location features for anyone looking to be at a location in Dubai that allows them great mobility and closeness to some of the city’s most popular spots. The checklist on this criterion may vary between considering the estate’s closeness to their personal work or general business areas, closeness to the malls and leisure activities, availability of parking, ease of finding public transport around the area or its proximity to some of the area’s most popular landmarks and many other factors. Reportage Properties takes into consideration these concerns in order to provide clients with projects that cater to their needs and which can serve as the best choice for the client and their lifestyle.



Lifestyle In Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates is also the largest city amongst the seven emirates federation. Popular for it’s stunning beaches, year-round sunshine, incredible skyline, and majestic mosques, Abu Dhabi in the past few years really has been the perfect destination for the experienced and novice traveler.

Abu Dhabi is also famous for its pride in its culture and its traditional Arabic roots that are apparent in the level of hospitality shown by the city and its locals to all residents and visitors. The locals in Abu Dhabi, although prideful of their own culture and traditions are very welcoming and tolerant of diversity as the UAE is home to over 200 nationalities. In Abu Dhabi, you get to enjoy the simple and the luxurious; from walking, cycling, taking pictures of the beach and the beautiful Abu Dhabi skyline at the Corniche with your loved ones to experiencing luxury shopping and fine dining at The Galleria Mall – Al Maryah Island, or going to theme parks like Warner Bros and Ferrari World at Yas Island; Abu Dhabi enables you to live the lifestyle you desire however you like. To the luck of residents and visitors who enjoy the lifestyle Abu Dhabi offers, an amendment was made to the Abu Dhabi Real Estate law on April 2019, which allows foreigners to own real estate properties in Abu Dhabi investment areas. This makes it possible for foreigners to not just invest in real estate, but to also purchase their own homes and be able to enjoy the comfortable and luxurious lifestyle of the city for their entire lifetime.


Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Aref Ismaeil Al Khoori, Chairman of the Board, has extensive experience in the banking and insurance fields and was among the pioneers who established and promoted Islamic banking practices in the UAE. Throughout his previous experience, Mr. Al Khoori has adopted a holistic view of the local business market, including the real estate sector, with a wide network of local and regional relationships in the business field. Thanks to his leadership and professional network, Mr. Al Khoori’s contribution has proven to be essential to the company’s pool of core assets. With the dedication and commitment of our exceptional executive management, Reportage Properties is now one of the leading real estate companies in the UAE. Established as a single entity in 2014, by shareholders with more than 30 years of international experience in property development and construction. The Reportage Group started its first project in Abu Dhabi and has subsequently grown in structure, size, and a number of projects. Now, a much larger conglomerate with several companies in the group under ‘Reportage Properties LLC’. Reportage Properties currently has ongoing projects in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai. and it’s become international now and starts its first project outside UAE in “New Cairo – Egypt”. The Reportage Group provides consistency by being built on a foundation of partnerships that optimizes results, keeping all necessary activities ‘in-house’ from; land assessment, to land acquisition, to planning, to architectural designing and construction with effective management over the diverse project portfolio.