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 The district of Modern Infrastructure, with the biggest medical city in Europe and the largest landmarks in Istanbul and Turkey.

With a central location in the very heart of Istanbul and the European side of the city, Başakşehir is closely connected to Istanbul’s landmarks. The newly founded district is considered a city on its own comprising modern residential developments, parks, schools, the biggest stadium in Istanbul and the biggest medical city in Europe, which makes it a renowned destination for medical tourism from all around Europe and the Middle East. 

  1. Bahçeşehir Library is the largest public library in Istanbul
  2. Bahçeşehir Square, the largest square in Istanbul
  3. Shamlar Forest is the largest natural forest in Turkey
  4. The largest Olympic stadium in Turkey
  5. Ibn Haldun University is a university that offers education in Arabic language
  6. Al Aqsa International Schools