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From UAE to the world, it is time for Reportage’s name to shine bright in the magical skies of Istanbul – The city of beauty and the capital of culture that unifies the European and the Asian continents.


 The district of Modern Infrastructure, with the biggest medical city in Europe and the largest landmarks in Istanbul and Türkiye. With a central location in the very heart of Istanbul and the European side of the city, Başakşehir is closely connected to Istanbul’s landmarks. The newly founded district is considered a city on its own comprising modern residential developments, parks, schools, the biggest stadium in Istanbul and the biggest medical city in Europe, which makes it a renowned destination for medical tourism from all around Europe and the Middle East. 

  1. Bahçeşehir Library is the largest public library in Istanbul.
  2. Bahçeşehir Square, the largest square in Istanbul.
  3. Shamlar Forest is the largest natural forest in Türkiye.
  4. The largest Olympic stadium in Türkiye.
  5. Ibn Haldun University is a university that offers education in Arabic language.
  6. Al Aqsa International Schools.


A community of brilliantly designed 4-Bedroom townhouses, right in the heart of the fascinating Türkish city of Istanbul. Beauty of nature, modern lifestyle and Italian architecture all meet in one place within a cosmopolitan city that is the sweetheart of visitors from all around the world. SYLVANA offers an incomparable lifestyle for those who seek beauty, relaxation and a vibrant life, and a bit of everything for everyone. Home buyers are also qualified to obtain Türkish Citizenship. 


Get closer to

The city's attractions at your doorstep
Başakşehir Metro Station
Başakşehir National Park
Istanbul Canal
Ataturk Olympic Stadium
Mall of Istanbul
Taksim Square
Hagia Sophia Mosque
Istanbul Airport

With masterful architecture and design aesthetics, the beauty of Italian design and finishing can be sensed in every bit of space and the high-quality facades. Sylvana townhouses are brilliantly designed to meet the European and international standards, with green open spaces and full facilities at your doorstep.

Designed to meet all the refined tastes and maintain both harmony and privacy, Sylvana townhouses feature 4 Master bedrooms; each has its own bathroom/en-suite. Besides, the closed kitchen design also adds a sense of privacy in the exceptional layout of the SYLVANA units. With high-quality finishing and neutral colour palettes, SYLVANA townhouses are synonymous with elegance, luxury and functionality. 


Landscape Garden
BBQ Areas
Parking Area
Kid's Play Area
Giant Chess Area
Seating Areas

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