Masdar is the regional leader and a major international player in renewable energy and sustainable urban development. Masdar City is head-quartered in the United Arab Emirates, and has been advancing developments, bringing technical expertise and innovation as well as experience to help solve some of the most difficult challenges in renewable energy and sustainable urban development.

Masdar has worked in collaboration with Reportage Properties in the designing of projects thereby influencing concepts to create sustainable projects which illustrate the progressiveness of Reportage Properties in changing the future of property development.

The Abu Dhabi Planning Council has created a framework for sustainable design, construction and operation of communities, buildings and villas. The PRS (Pearl Rating System) is unique in the world and is specifically tailored to the hot climate and arid environment of Abu Dhabi. The seven concepts are as follows: 

Integrated Development Process: Encouraging integrated teamwork to deliver environmental and quality management throughout the duration of the project. 

Natural Systems: Conserving, preserving and restoring the region’s vital natural environments and habitats. 

Livable Buildings: Improving the quality and connectivity of outdoor and indoor spaces. 

Precious Water: Reducing water demand and encouraging efficient distribution and alternative water sources. 

Resourceful Energy: Targeting energy conservation through compliant design measures, reduced demand, energy efficiency and renewable sources. 

Sourcing Materials: Ensuring extensive consideration of the ‘whole-of-life’ cycle when selecting and specifying materials. 

Innovating Practice: Encouraging innovation in building design and construction to facilitate the market and industry transformation. 

Fact: When a building achieves a 3 Pearl Estidama Rating it means it is designed as 40% more efficient in power and water usage! 

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