UAE Real Estate Market During Covid-19: Is Now A Good Time To Buy Or Invest?

Real Estate is one of the hottest and most desirable industries for investors when thinking about where to invest their money.

At a time where the world is facing a global pandemic, people are reluctant to invest in real estate locally as well as internationally over fears of slow construction progress or worry over the overall profitability of their investment.

However, Reportage Properties believes that this time is the best time to invest; Reportage Properties even encourages it. When people and companies are faced with a global issue making everyone hesitant to invest, you have real estate companies providing you with remarkable one-time offers. Other people’s hesitance also allows others who are willing to take the initiative to make a purchase or investment to get the best options when picking their home’s or investment’s location, views, spaces..etc.

It is also a time where you can make greater profit than you would any other time considering the prices that you buy the estates for compared to other times in the year. Buying property, for example, at 40% off during a hot offer and then selling it at its original price is a great profit for the investor. If you are simply a homeowner, it is also an opportunity for you to save a great amount of money and purchase your future home at an exceptional price.

Reportage Properties acknowledges that real estate companies should not merely “adapt” to the current circumstances, but it is crucial that they are proactive and attend to concerns of buyers and investors. Which is why Reportage Properties at the beginning of the spread of COVID-19, has decided to take a contemporary marketing approach to this current issue by using the marketing budget planned for events and roadshows and investing it to make special and exclusive offers for possible buyers. One example of an exclusive offer made by Reportage Properties using this strategy was “Buy 1 Unit and Get The Second Free” offer which was used as a marketing tactic for the company. Instead of marketing through events or traditional billboards, tv adverts, etc.. Reportage Properties decided to market by proving their care to their current and potential customers and showing how quickly they can respond to sudden changes happening in the market and providing them with offers very favourable to them and which can result in greater value to their investment.

When looking at the current sales figures made by Reportage Properties, the figures indicate buyers trust in this real estate developer and their keenness to seize those one-time opportunities while they can.

Reportage Properties has built solid ground for itself in the Real Estate market in Abu Dhabi and has released a recent statement anticipating a rise in home buyers in the UAE despite the fears induced by COVID-19. Reportage Properties has also recorded sales worth Dh260 million from January to April 2020 alone. Therefore, Reportage Properties can be your go-to solution when debating whether this is a good time to invest.

Other than Reportage Properties, The UAE Real Estate Market has also been doing well. The data from Abu Dhabi Department of Municipalities and Transport showed that the value of real estate transactions in Abu Dhabi increased during the first quarter of this year by 22% to Dh19.2 billion, compared to about Dh15.8 billion for the same period of the previous year.

Dubai Real Estate sales topped Dh24.75 billion from January 2020 to April, whereas data from the Dubai Land Department showed 12,105 sales transactions in the first four months of this year. –